New Services Help Small Businesses Get Found Online

Intuit Small Business Blog, by Dave Clarke on February 17, 2014

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, yada yada, ad  infinitum. The task of optimizing  your business’s search results and updating  your listings  with search engines, directories, and review sites to help  people find you online may seem like a never-ending chore. A new service  called Get Found, run by domain  registrar GoDaddy, aims  to solve that dilemma, especially when any of your business’s key  information changes. A similar service from Yext and a number of other providers is also available.

When your business moves, for example, much of its critical  information gets lost online — even if you update your key listings and your  website. For example, my wife’s Pilates studio lost five years’ worth of Yelp  reviews after changing locations. That’s because your business’s  former data is interpreted by search engines as being the most successful  search result over time. Your new address and phone number have little or  no history and are therefore considered by search engine algorithms to be less  relevant than the older results. While these services don’t solve the problem  immediately, they make the ultimate resolution easier by updating multiple sites  simultaneously instead of forcing business owners to do the updates themselves  site by site, including on sites owners may not even be aware are listing  them. <READ MORE>


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