5 Ways to Reuse Your Content Across Social Media Platforms

Intuit Small Business Blog, by Brenda Barron on March 3, 2014

Social Media doesn’t have to be a major time sink. You can  boost your engagement with customers and prospects across channels simply by  repurposing your original  content.

For example, let’s say you spend several hours writing a new post for your  business’s blog. In it, you provide expert insights only you can offer, backed  up by research. Once you’ve published the information, you’re ready to share it.  Providing its title with a link on Facebook and Twitter is fine when the post first goes live. But how can you continue to  promote your content in the days and weeks that follow?

The answer: Grab individual elements from your blog post and serve them up in  a way that complements specific social  networks. <READ MORE>

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