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Why You Need An Orlando Virtual CIO

Your company’s technology needs can be overwhelming. Here is how you know it’s time to hire an Orlando virtual CIO.

A virtual CIO (vCIO) is used when companies outsource their IT needs to a third party. Keeping up with technology is challenging, especially if you have a large staff and each of them use multiple devices. It’s hard enough keeping everything functioning properly, not to mention creating a plan for the future. When you are ready to take control of your IT needs, consider hiring an Orlando virtual CIO.

Managed Services

Unsure if you need vCIO services? With Dytech Group’s managed services option, you’ll have access to our exclusive Orlando vCIO services. We can work with you to evaluate your IT needs and determine if additional security measures are needed. We can also look at your IT budgets and disaster plan and help to formulate a strategy that is most beneficial for your business. If you have any of the following issues, it’s time to consider an Orlando virtual CIO:

Your Technology Costs Are Unpredictable

An accurate budget is critical to a company’s healthy bottom line. If it is difficult to budget your monthly IT expenses, you may need a second set of eyes to look into the issues. 

You could be experiencing lengthy downtime due to broken equipment. Waiting for vendors to schedule repairs can keep your employees offline for an extended period. Dytech Group’s vCIO team can negotiate with your vendors to keep your systems functioning on a more reliable schedule.

You Don’t Have a Future IT Strategy

When you spend the majority of your tech support time keeping your equipment functioning properly, it can be a challenge to look ahead. However, it is essential to have an IT plan so that your business can be successful in years to come. Upgrades to your equipment, software, and other infrastructure systems must be outlined, scheduled, and budgeted. Our Orlando virtual CIO services can work with you to develop a strategic IT plan that gives your business a strong future.

You Don’t Have An Emergency PlanOrlando virtual cio

When your system goes down unexpectedly, will you be prepared? Power outages, severe weather, and human error can cause your system to fail. Lightning causes power failure frequently in this part of the country, so you need a continuity plan if an unforeseen outage takes your network down. Your employees still need access to your data, so you need to keep your systems backed up and VPN (Virtual Private Network) in place. 

Backing up your data to the cloud or other hardware-based systems is a smart way to maintain access at all times. Using a VPN gives your employees a secure way to log into your network from any location. Our Orlando virtual CIO team can help you prepare for an emergency.

You’re Not Getting Helpful Reporting

Every interaction you have with your customers should offer insights into the operation of your business. The data is available, but you won’t get any benefit if you don’t know how to read it. Our vCIO team can help you read your data reports and set up systems to record all helpful information for your business.

If any of these issues sound familiar, now is the time to talk to the Orlando virtual CIO team at Dytech Group. We help our customers streamline their IT operations to make their tech departments more efficient. Here’s what one of our satisfied customers had to say about us. “You schedule around what we need. You are honest about what we need. Good understanding from service techs of problems and solutions. Thanks for all of your guys’ help!”

Contact us today to schedule your consultation. We are ready to help you use IT to your advantage!


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