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Choosing Orlando IT Services

Choosing the Right IT Services Company for Your Orlando Business

As a business owner in Orlando, having a reliable IT services company is crucial to the success of your operations. However, with the numerous options on the market, picking the right provider can be an overwhelming task. This article will discuss what you need to look for when selecting an IT services company for your Orlando business.

Industry Expertise & Experience

One of the top considerations is the provider’s experience in your particular industry. For example, a company that mainly works with retail clients will have less relevant expertise for a healthcare organization. Ask about their client portfolio – do they work with companies like yours? How many years have they served your industry? An experienced company that understands your vertical will best support your specific needs. Dytech Group has been serving Orlando for over 40 years.

Breadth of IT Services Offered

Evaluate what IT services and solutions the company offers. Can they provide all the technology your business requires or do they specialize in just a few areas? From cloud computing to cybersecurity measures, network installation, help desk support and more – choose a provider that provides integrated, holistic IT services. Using multiple vendors for different needs can get disorganized. An IT partner that can manage all aspects of your technology under one roof is ideal.

Technical Expertise & Best-of-Breed Solutions

Make sure the IT technicians and engineers have certifications from leading technology vendors and that they stay continually updated on the latest hardware/software to recommend. For instance, they should advise on cutting-edge solutions that boost security, collaboration, mobility, automation and more. Opting for an IT company with broad technical training and partnerships with premier tech providers will benefit your changing organizational needs.

Responsiveness & Preventative Approach

Downtime is not an option, so prompt emergency support is vital. Ask about the company’s response times and policies around clock availability for system failures, data recovery needs or cyber incidents. Also, inquire about their monthly/quarterly reviews, software updates and patches, security audits, network testing and other preventative services that reduce the risk of critical issues.

Cost Effectiveness

Pricing and contracts can vary greatly between IT services firms. Be clear on what is included and ensure there are no hidden fees or surprise charges. Some provide “all-inclusive” managed services plans based on your headcount and needs. Get quotes from multiple resellers to compare and leverage that to negotiate better deals. Keep in mind that cost should not trump experience and quality of service when safeguarding your company’s technology infrastructure.

Finding the right IT services company in a competitive landscape like Orlando can be tricky. Keep this checklist of credentials handy while thoroughly evaluating multiple providers, before entrusting them with your vital business technology needs.

If you are looking for a IT Service provider for a new company or existing, contact Dytech Group for a free consultation.

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