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Cybersecurity Training In Winter Park

How Winter Park Cybersecurity Training For Employees Can Keep Your Network Safer

Your employees are a critical part of your IT security efforts but they don’t know what they don’t know. Here’s how our experts can help with your company’s cybersecurity training in Winter Park.

Most employees are well-meaning. They don’t intend to download a virus or click on a phishing link, but it happens. And it happens more often if they are not properly trained in the methods cybercriminals use to infiltrate your network. Our IT services experts at Dytech Group offer these tips for cybersecurity training in Winter Park that will keep your employees informed and keep your network protected.

Make Employees Aware Of The Importance of Cybersecurity

Your employees may have heard of cyber-threats, but they may not know what that means in their day-to-day experiences. Explaining terms like phishing, ransomware, and keylogging can make cybercrime more real to your employees. Each October, government and private sector IT groups recognize Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Dytech Group joins this effort by reminding everyone of some key cybercrime defense tactics we can all put into practice. These are the most common ways a hacker gains access to your network.


A phishing attack is the practice of sending an email that looks legitimate but is malicious. The purpose of this type of attack is to steal sensitive data like credit card information or other personal information. It can also open up the user to installing malware on their computer.

Ransomwarecybersecurity training in Winter Park

Ransomware is a form of malware that is designed to encrypt the data on a user’s device and hold it for ransom. This type of attack surged during 2020 when more employees started working from home. Cybersecurity training in Winter Park can teach your employees to spot these attacks and avoid falling victim to them.


Keystroke logging, keylogging, or keyboard capturing is a type of malware that logs a user’s keystrokes to learn passwords and other sensitive data.

There are many other types of malware that cybersecurity training in Winter Park can tackle. Making your employees aware of the risks that cyber-threats pose can make your organization safer.

Teach Employees How To Spot Suspicious Activity

Once your employees know what the risks are, they need to know what a malicious attack can look like. Show your employee examples of how an email attachment or link may look benign but may actually be malicious. Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated by the day and they can make an email look like it’s coming from an authoritative source.

Teach Password Security

Passwords are everywhere. You need one to access every program on your computer and nearly every app on your phone. Using your phone for work? Then you need to be even more vigilant about password security. Here are some best practices you should follow in your cybersecurity training in Winter Park:

  • Passwords should be unique – don’t use the same password for multiple devices/applications
  • Passwords should be strong – phrases are easy to remember and difficult to guess
  • Passwords should be a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters
  • Passwords should not contain personal information – no names, birthdays, addresses, or other information that is connected to you

Require Periodic Cybersecurity Training

Because cybercriminals are constantly evolving their tactics, it’s important that you continue to educate your employees periodically. The malware attacks that will be used next year will be different from the attacks used this year. They will also be more difficult to spot, so you need to stay informed about the latest methods used by malicious actors. That can be hard to do without help. Our IT security team at Dytech Group can assist with your employee cybersecurity training in Winter Park.

We know that staying ahead of cybersecurity best practices takes time and special skills. Let us use our expertise to keep your organization safer. Contact Dytech Group today to learn more about how we can help.

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