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Most of us slow down a bit over the summer, making it the perfect time to check your network security. Our IT solutions Orlando team recommends these summer upgrades to secure your data.

Why is it a good business strategy to perform IT upgrades during the summer? Many businesses have a slowdown in activity over the summer months, and upgrades will impact your daily business activities less. Your business can also prepare for the busier season that typically comes after summer and ramps up toward the end of the year. Ensuring the correct systems are in place and functioning correctly will pay off when you have less time to focus on network security.

Dytech Group Can Recommend An Upgrade Strategy

If you need help knowing where to begin, it’s time to call the IT solutions Orlando experts at Dytech Group. We can evaluate your system by checking your network’s firewall and other security features. We can then offer ways to strengthen your network and secure it against cyber-attacks and other events that could result in disruptive downtime.

As you consider your summer upgrades, we’ll ask a few questions to identify areas that need improvement. Two key upgrades we can address are your security solutions and data backup plan.

Are Your Security Solutions Working For You?

Now is the time to have us reevaluate your needs and determine you will need to upgrade your security. You may have had a firewall set up years ago, and since then, you’ve added workstations, expanded to another location, or had security threats. These are all signs that you need additional security; a new firewall can help.

A firewall is a security feature that follows rules to determine what data is safe to enter your network. These rules can apply to domain names, IP addresses, and other information associated with data packets. When our IT solutions Orlando team installs your firewall, we will establish your rules and monitor your traffic to ensure it works properly.

Do You Have A Data Backup Plan?IT solutions Orlando

Having a solid recovery plan is essential when faced with unexpected events like floods, fires, or natural disasters that could damage your office. Similarly, if you encounter ransomware attacks or data compromise caused by employee theft or hacking, it’s crucial to know how to respond swiftly and effectively. How can you recover quickly? What steps should you take to minimize the impact of these incidents? 

If you already have a data backup plan, it’s a good idea to revisit it periodically to see if it still meets your organization’s needs. If you don’t have a backup plan, our IT solutions Orlando team will work with you to establish one. 

Our data backup solutions include the following: 

  • Safeguarding your IT infrastructure through secure backup copies stored in our redundant offsite data centers, protecting against natural disasters and unauthorized access
  • Seamless access to your backup files via our dedicated servers
  • Automatic and continuous secure data backup
  • A cost-effective monthly plan that saves you money and eliminates major upfront expenses
  • Quick data recovery with a clone copy of your information, ensuring minimal downtime in emergencies

Having access to your data quickly and efficiently following a disaster is crucial for the health of your business. You cannot afford the downtime that can come with losing access to client files, financial information, and other data that keeps your business up and running.

Let Dytech Group Evaluate Your Network Security

When you contact us for an evaluation, we can check every piece of hardware and software in your facility and those connected to your network from outside the building. Our IT solutions Orlando team can recommend updates and upgrades to protect your network. Contact us today to get started.

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