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Managed Services

Our managed and outsourced IT support reduces the hassle and costs associated with IT services in business.  This enables your staff to focus on the primary business objectives — getting leads, improving sales, keeping customers happy, and tapping new sources of profit. Learn more →

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing provides you with better data protection, improved bandwidth, and around-the-clock access to tech support, all for one low monthly rate. Cloud Computing is a scalable solution that lets you adjust your business on the fly to changing conditions and markets.   Learn more →

Hosting Services

Most small and medium size businesses lack the knowledge and staff to properly set up and manage a secure IT infrastructure. Dytech Group’s hosting services provide an affordable way for your business to get regular data backup, technical support, and secure access to your information, all for one fixed monthly rate. Learn more →

Business IT Support

Need on-demand IT support? We’re just a phone call away. Dytech Group specializes in providing IT help on a per-hour or per-incident basis, giving you the support you need exactly when you need it. We offer hardware and software installation, training, network support, virus removal and more at a fixed monthly rate. Learn more →

Data Protection

Without a complete data backup and recovery plan, you could lose your vital business data – and maybe even your business. We offer backup and recovery services for businesses looking for a way to protect critical data from natural disasters, theft and unauthorized access. Learn more →

Help Desk

Dytech Group’s IT help desk gives you the support you need while reducing IT frustrations. Outsource your IT needs and save time and money while improving productivity. Learn more →

Security Services

Protecting your data and your company reputation is critical for your company’s success. We can manage and monitor the security of your network. The Dytech Group can protect your valuable data with the latest security solutions. Learn more →

VoIP – Unified Communications

Voice Over IP (VoIP) communication technology enhances business telephone systems to provide flexibility for organizations whether they are centralized or dispersed geographically.  The solutions we provide are cloud based and flexible to adapt to an organization’s needs.  The Dytech Group can incorporate our VoIP solutions into your organizations Unified Communications plan. Learn more →

Vendor Management

Trying to manage all your IT vendors (for telecom, wiring, hardware, etc.) can be a huge hassle. Consolidate those relationships: Let us work with your tech vendors to get you better service, much faster. Learn more →