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When it’s not just your reputation on the line but also the businesses that hire you to handle their marketing, having our Orlando data recovery services team implement a solid plan will protect everyone’s data.

As a marketing agency owner or business manager, data recovery may not be on your radar. You are likely focused on building your clients’ brands and helping them to increase their profitability. If you haven’t thought about it until now, partnering with an Orlando data recovery services company like Dytech Group will keep your data, your clients’ data, and everyone’s reputations intact. It will also let you get back to what you’re best at – marketing.

There are many reasons to implement a data recovery strategy for your business that will minimize downtime, keep your data safe, and allow you continuous access to your data. Here, we dive into three of the most important reasons your marketing agency should partner with Dytech Group for your data backup and recovery plan.

Weather Events

In the Sunshine State, we see our fair share of extreme weather events including hurricanes, heavy rain, wind, and lightning. If all of your data is stored in one physical location, it is subject to damage from flooding and electrical outages during storms. We all know the damage a power surge can have on electronics which is why we plug everything into power strips. The truth is that damage can still occur and servers can still crash as a result of power failure, flooding, and lightning strikes.

When you store a backup of your data offsite or in the cloud, even if your on-site hardware fails, you can still access your data backup. Dytech Group offers secure backup copies of your data in our offsite data centers, which also protects it from other damaging events such as fires.

You don’t want to leave your clients in the lurch because you can’t access their accounts. If a marketing plan has to push pause because of a fire or flood, it can negatively impact your marketing efforts. Staying on schedule is only possible with a data backup plan.

CybercrimeOrlando data recovery services

Experts predict that in 2023, the global cost of cybercrime could top $8 trillion. There are a few reasons that number is so high including the availability of malware programs, geopolitical conflict, and the ever-widening attack surface. Now, more than ever, we need to be proactive in protecting our data from cybercriminals.

While the headlines typically only report on the large companies that have lost millions to cyberattacks, the startling truth is that most cybercrime is perpetrated on small to mid-sized companies, like marketing agencies. Cyberattacks on small companies between 2020-2021 grew by more than 150%. The main reason is that smaller companies tend to have weaker security measures.

Smaller organizations are also less likely to carry cyber insurance. Not only can it be cost-prohibitive, but it is also getting harder to attain because the risk of cybercrime is too high for insurance companies to assume. 

When you partner with Dytech Group, our Orlando data recovery services can make sure that your information is safe should you fall victim to a ransomware or malware attack. Download our Cyber Security Essentials White Paper for more ways to protect your business from cyberattacks.

Competitive Advantage

Having a robust data recovery plan will set you apart from your competitors. Being vigilant about protecting your clients’ information is one more way to go above and beyond for them. 

Data breaches can ruin the relationships between your agency and your clients as well as damage your business’s reputation. Loss of confidence in your ability to protect client information can damage your business for years and can be difficult to recover from.

When you can guarantee your clients that you have a solid data recovery plan, you stand above your competitors that can’t say the same thing.

Dytech Group Has The Orlando Data Recovery Services Your Agency Needs

Our data protection solutions include:

  • Secure backup copies of your IT infrastructure in our redundant offsite data centers, protected from natural disasters and unauthorized access
  • Access to your backup files through our dedicated servers
  • Automatic and ongoing secure data backup
  • A clone copy of your information which can be used for data recovery within minutes in the event of an emergency

Contact us today to see how we can help you protect your data and your reputation while keeping your marketing efforts at full speed. We look forward to working with you.

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