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Before you jump into working with an Orlando remote IT support company like Dytech Group, you’ll want to know if it’s a good fit for your business. This IT solution works well for our clients, and we think you’ll feel the same way.


Sometimes tech support has a bad reputation. We’ve all been there – time ticking by while you’re on hold waiting for someone to answer your call, needing to be transferred to multiple departments before you find the right person to solve your problem, and then being told that there’s nothing they can do.


It’s completely understandable if you’re doubtful about whether Orlando remote IT support actually works. We have good news though: everything is different when you partner with Dytech Group. In this blog, we’ll explain our process, and what you can expect from our IT services – and be sure to contact us with any questions!


Orlando Remote IT Support: What Is It?

Being able to provide IT service remotely has changed the way that the IT support industry works. Before this innovation, a tech support specialist would have to either troubleshoot over the phone or travel to their client’s place of business. This would often extend the problem-solving process and cause major disruptions to the client’s workflow.


With remote IT support, technicians are able to connect directly with the client’s desktop or laptop computer via remote access software and provide support services. Since the technician can see what is happening in real-time over the internet, the issue is resolved faster and no time is wasted traveling to where the device is located.


Orlando Remote IT Support: Our Process

When Dytech Group’s clients need help, they submit a support request on our website. Our technicians quickly respond to the request, and let them know that we would like to initiate a remote session. The client will need to have our remote support application downloaded on their computer, and will share the unique code with our remote support specialist, enabling them to access the client’s computer. 


From there, our remote support team will troubleshoot until the issue is resolved. Once the remote session is complete, the client and our support team will close the remote support application and the connection will be ended for the protection of your security and privacy. 


Does Remote IT Support Really Work?

Absolutely! Our Orlando remote IT support simulates the same support that you would receive in person, allowing you to get back to work even faster. And if for some reason the remote session is not enough to resolve the issue, we’ll send one of our dedicated field-service technicians directly to you.


Will The Remote Support Team Always Have Access To My Computer?

We understand that it may be a little unnerving to have someone else access your device, but this process is fully secure and very safe. Once your remote session has ended, the technician will no longer be able to access your computer, and each new session requires specific permission to be given before it begins.

Contact Dytech Group today to learn more about what our remote IT support services can bring to your business. We look forward to working with you!

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