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Oviedo IT Services For Your Business

Necessity of Oviedo IT Services

Business owners know that IT services are necessary to keep their business operating at the highest capacity, but you might not be aware of how many IT services there are, and how they can benefit your company. This concise guide lists the top Oviedo IT services and how they help your small to midsize business.


For many businesses, IT is simply a service that fixes the office printer when it breaks down, initiates software updates on the computers, and provides support from the help desk. And while these are some useful tasks, they are only a very small sample of the Oviedo IT services available.


IT services can be defined as “the application of business and technical expertise to enable organizations in the creation, management and optimization of or access to information and business processes.” And since this definition might seem a little broad, we want to highlight some of the top Oviedo IT services and give some examples of how your business might use them.


Managed Services

Hiring an in-house IT team isn’t something that every business has the resources or need for. But it’s still critical that your business keep pace with competitors by taking advantage of IT talent and new technology. A reputable managed services provider will bring you an Oviedo IT services package to meet all your needs at a low monthly rate, with no surprise fees. These packages usually include:

  • 24/7 monitoring and support from IT professionalsOviedo IT Services
  • Oversight of servers and networks
  • Remote or on-site computer service from field service engineers
  • Service and support for any and all hardware and software your business uses


Cloud Solutions

Cloud IT services can eliminate the need for your company to have on-premises servers by taking advantage of Oviedo IT services cloud infrastructure. You will have the benefits of a data center without the hassle of setup, rack space, maintenance, and overall expense. Additionally, cloud IT solutions like those provided by Dytech Group give you the added peace of mind that your data is safe. With automatic data backups every 15 minutes, built-in recovery, and advanced data storage technology, you can trust your information is secure.


Virtual CIO

A small to midsize company usually wouldn’t need the services of a full time chief information officer – let alone want to pay for one. Yet another advantage of Oviedo IT services is the virtual CIO, which brings all the benefits at a fraction of the cost. With this service, your business can receive advice on network design, IT budget, software needs, and more. When you choose Dytech Group as your IT service provider, the virtual CIO is part of your DytechONE managed services package.


These are just a few of the Oviedo IT services that are available to your business. To learn more, be sure to check our regularly-updated blog, and if you’re ready to meet your company’s IT needs, contact us via phone or our online contact form today.

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