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Security Services

Protecting your data and your company reputation is critical for your company’s success. We can manage and monitor the security of your network. The Dytech Group can protect your valuable data with the latest security solutions.

Firewall Security

With the advent of the Internet, a new breed of criminals and thieves evolved to prey upon your network and data. Using tools to scan for computers connected to the Internet, these hackers attempt to break through the nominal security provided by Microsoft’s operating system and Web browser. Once they have broken through those inadequate barriers, they can use your computer for their own purposes. They can steal valuable company data, use your computer for illegal purposes, turn your computer into a spam server, and sabotage your computer or network.

Your first line of Internet defense is your firewall.  The Dytech Group can monitor and keep updated the security provided by your firewall.  We can support most firewalls including Dell Sonicwall, Watchguard, Cisco and many others.  We can assist you in acquiring the proper firewall and also can provide a managed firewall solution that requires no capital investment.

Monitoring Software

Often the users behind the firewall go to malicious websites or click on suspect links and help introduce security problems to your network.  The Dytech Group can provide solutions for blocking websites based on content and monitoring user activity on the Internet.

Contact the Dytech Group today to learn more about how to protect your network and data.  Security is an important component of managed services.