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Are you thinking of moving your tech support to an Orlando IT security company but don’t know how the process works? Here’s how we do it seamlessly at Dytech Group.

Outsourcing your organization’s IT needs is a common practice today. Tech support is just one job that businesses big and small are handing over to the experts. Typically, the main reason a company chooses to outsource part of its workload is to cut costs. Other reasons a business may choose to transition to a third party include the ability to focus on core business functions and improvement in the quality of service.

This is where Dytech Group comes in. When our tech experts become your IT department, your service quality will get a boost, and you’ll be more available to grow your business. If you are concerned about losing data or experiencing extended downtime during your transition, you do not need to worry. Our “Smooth Switch Process” ensures a smooth transition to our system. Here’s how it works.


After you have made the decision to transition to Dytech Group, we will assign a liaison to you who will be your point of contact throughout the process. It’s important to us that you have a go-to technician who you can reach if you have any questions or concerns along the way. 

Together with your onboarding specialist, you will fill out the onboarding form and begin to compile your organization’s current technical details. If needed, we can meet with your current IT provider and vendors during the onboarding phase.

The next step is to schedule an onsite meeting to allow your onboarding specialist to evaluate your system and start to install monitoring and management software.

Review and RecommendationsOrlando IT security

During the second phase of your transition, our Orlando IT security team will perform a full assessment of your network. We will evaluate any security risks and weaknesses that are present in your current network setup.

After the review, we will discuss with you any recommendations we have for improving your network’s security and efficiency.


Once our review is complete and we have discussed our recommendations, we can begin the implementation phase of our transition. Here, we will make any security upgrades that are needed. 

At Dytech Group, we know that for a system to continue to function properly, it needs to have extensive documentation for current and future Orlando IT security technicians to follow. This is why we create a Standard Operating Procedure document for each of our clients when they transition to our services.

Ongoing Engagement

As part of our partnership, you will have the opportunity to schedule regular business reviews to discuss the following:

  • Health reports of your systems
  • Discussion of trends
  • Focus on improvements
  • Discussion of any concerns

Our Orlando IT security team will also send you a regular report concerning the condition and status of your IT infrastructure.

Now that you have a better understanding of how our Smooth Switch Process works, you can rest in the knowledge that we will handle your transition efficiently and with care. Our clients love our service and we think you will too. Here’s one outstanding review we received recently:

“By far this is the best IT group our company has contracted with. The response time is fast and they stay on the job until the work is completed.”

When you are ready to discuss how our Orlando IT security services can help your business run more smoothly, we’re ready to talk. Contact Dytech Group today to schedule your consultation.

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