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Winter Park IT Services

Our Top Winter Park IT Services For Your Business

If you’re looking for Winter Park IT services that work for your business, your search ends here. Dytech Group offers the IT solutions that you need.

Dytech Group offers a range of IT solutions to Winter Park businesses to meet your needs, and we’ll work with you to find the perfect one. Below, you’ll find the most popular services that we offer our clients. We offer many others to round out your needs for IT managed services, data protection, backup services, and more.

Backup Strategy

If you don’t have a backup plan for your data, your business is vulnerable to ransomware. Cybercriminals can gain access to your network, shut it down, and hold it for ransom. Ransomware costs businesses big each year and cybercrime is only becoming more sophisticated by the day. Your network could also fail due to fire, flood, or power failure. Everyday threats plus cyber threats equals a real need for a backup plan. Our data recovery specialists at Dytech Group can set up a backup of your data on our off-site backup servers. Also available is a cloud-based backup system. Both solutions give you access to your data quickly if disaster strikes. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so let us help you develop a backup plan before you need one. 

Help Desk Support Plans

If your laptop has given up and your printer seems like it’s never going to be un-jammed, it’s good to know that you can phone a friend. The help desk support service from Dytech Group provides the help you need to keep your company running, while saving you the cost of an internal tech support department. Our help desk support gives you:

  • U.S.-based support professionals 24 hours a dayWinter Park IT services
  • Help with PC and network issues
  • Hardware configuration
  • Software support and installation
  • Virus or malware removal
  • Data backup and recovery

Help desk support is one of our most popular Winter Park IT services because it gives our clients their time back. Instead of wasting hours dealing with IT headaches, they can focus on generating profits and growing their business. Not only will you have access to our Help Desk 24/7/365, but you’ll also be getting support from our highly-trained team of help desk technicians. We are constantly learning to stay on top of technology, trends, and cyber threats, to keep you and your data safe. When it comes to cyber security support services Central Florida, we know how to protect your business and your data.

IT Managed Services

In the modern world, it’s inevitable that your business will have ongoing IT needs. Dytech Group has been around since 1982, which means that we have been around for innumerable advancements in technology – and always stayed ahead of the curve. Our clients choose our managed services when they want all-encompassing IT support that keeps them in front of potential problems and operating at full capacity. 

Some of the most appealing features of our managed services options include our low monthly rates with no surprise charges, 24 hour monitoring and support for your networks and servers, and onsite or remote support from our expert field service engineers. 

Cloud IT Solutions

Another one of our popular Winter Park IT services is our cloud IT solutions. Our clients choose this option because it provides simple and cost effective IT infrastructure that can expand with their business. Some of the benefits include:

  • Automatic data and application backups – crucial to avoid costly downtime for your business
  • Increased security due to redundant storage sites – keeping a backup on the cloud keeps it out of reach of cybercriminals
  • Access to cloud management professionals at any time, day or night – our team is on-call for you 24/7
  • Server virtualization and high-level accessibility – our cloud servers are safe and accessible to you at anytime

Remote work is becoming more and more common, and our cloud IT solutions can help you take your business anywhere. 

Our Winter Park IT Services Can Help

Our list of Winter Park IT services doesn’t end here. We can design an effective managed IT plan for your business that meets your needs. Not sure what your IT needs are? That’s what we’re here for. Contact us and we can provide you with a consultation and recommendations for services that will work for your business. We have been serving the IT needs of Central Florida business for decades and we look forward to serving you.

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