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Winter Park Tech Solutions

Why Our Clients Choose Our Winter Park Tech Solutions

Winter Park tech solutions are more than cybersecurity. Our team offers a full suite of support services for your business so that you can focus on growth and success while we handle your technology needs with expertise and efficiency.

When researching tech support options for your business, a Google search will return pages of companies that offer cloud hosting services, data backup, and more. Our clients choose us because we have decades of experience serving Central Florida, which provides us with unparalleled experience in all facets of technology, including cloud solutions and managed services. 

Dytech Group is fully dedicated to supporting the cutting-edge technologies businesses in Orlando and throughout Florida rely on. Here are a few Winter Park tech solutions we offer our clients.

Managed Services

Our managed services solutions encompass all aspects of an IT department, providing comprehensive support and services for your computers, networks, servers, and more. With Dytech Group acting as your Virtual CIO, we deliver the perfect outsourced IT support for your business, eliminating the costs typically associated with in-house IT management.

With our Winter Park managed services solutions, your business can hand over a host of IT responsibilities, including:

  • Professional, 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Server and network oversight
  • Onsite and remote computer service
  • Full-time field service engineers
  • Help desk support
  • Service and support for hardware and software systems
  • And more

Letting Dytech Group handle your Winter Park tech solutions frees up your time and budget to focus on growing your business and servicing your clients.

Data SecurityWinter Park tech solutions

Keeping your data secure is critical to your company’s reputation. When a business suffers a data breach, it reflects poorly on customer service and client retention. Dytech Group can protect your data with industry-leading tools and software solutions.

Firewall software and hardware monitor all traffic going through your network, only allowing in data deemed safe according to the rules you assign. Firewall parameters can be based on domain, IP address, port number, or specific protocols, ensuring robust network security and controlled access. Any data not meeting these standards will be stopped before entering your network.

Our monitoring software keeps a virtual eye on your network 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We look for external threats and monitor for internal threats, such as users who click on a malicious link in an email. Dytech Group can spot and stop this threat before it proliferates your network.

Data Protection

Going a step beyond real-time data security is data protection. Our Winter Park tech solutions team recommends a data backup system to guard against catastrophic data loss. Cyber threats are one reason you need a data backup plan. Ransomware can give cybercriminals access to your data, holding it for a monetary ransom. If you have access to a data backup, you can quickly restore your information and avoid their extortion attempts, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Natural disasters can also disrupt your data access. Fires, floods, and power loss can result in valuable downtime for your business. Our data protection plan includes the following:

  • Redundant offsite data centers that securely stores backup copies of your IT infrastructure
  • Access to your backup files from our dedicated servers
  • Automatic and ongoing data backup
  • A clone copy of your data that can be accessed minutes after an emergency event.

Dytech Group Puts Clients First

Mary P.’s review of her experience with our Winter Park tech solutions says it all.

“By far, this is the best IT group our company has contracted with. The response time is fast, and they stay on the job until the work is completed. Customer service is great, with a live and friendly help desk. Definitely a winner!”

When you’re ready to offload your IT support to a company with the experience and expertise to protect your data reliably, contact Dytech Group. We look forward to serving you.

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