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Cloud solutions are becoming more popular as businesses are looking for increasingly efficient ways to allocate their IT budget. When searching for managed services companies in Orlando, consider these benefits of using the cloud.

You have most likely heard of terms like cloud computing, the cloud, and cloud storage, but what exactly is the cloud? Simply put, the cloud uses the internet to store data on servers that are not directly connected to your computer. If you’ve used web-based email services like Gmail, you’ve used the cloud. But what does the cloud mean for your business? 

Partnering with one of the managed services companies in Orlando like Dytech Group is a great way to keep your company’s data secure with the cloud. Consider these benefits to cloud solutions:

Cloud Solutions Are Simple

Our Orlando cloud solutions are very simple because there is no need for in-house data centers, servers, or personnel to maintain equipment. You have your own virtual data center but without the headaches of rack space, setup, storage, licensing, or maintenance. If your business operates off-site the majority of the time, virtual data storage is ideal.

Our IT professionals at Dytech Group can handle your cloud solutions, allowing you to focus on your business while saving money on support staff and office space.

Cloud Solutions Are Secure

You may think that if your data is stored outside of your building, it’s more vulnerable to cyberattacks. This is not the case. Data stored in the cloud is kept safe with a system of multiple redundant storage sites. Our advanced technology monitors your data for any signs of threats and keeps it secure with built-in data backup and recovery. Additionally, cloud computing allows secure storage in databases and data encryption for an extra level of security.

Cloud Solutions Are Scalable

What if your business grows and your data storage and network needs to be changed? The cloud is a perfect scalable solution. If you have an in-house data center, you would need additional space, racks, servers, personnel, etc., when your needs grow. With the cloud, you simply need to call managed services companies in Orlando to upgrade your cloud solution

Cloud Solutions: Your FAQ

How Do You Monitor Cloud Solutions?managed services companies in Orlando

When you partner with managed services companies in Orlando like Dytech Group, our team of cloud specialists will monitor your systems and provide assistance when you need it to ensure complete business continuity. You’ll have access to our cloud IT solutions 24/7.

What Sets Cloud Systems Apart From Standard Storage Systems?

When you use cloud IT solutions, you have more options than with a standard data center. Our cloud IT solutions offer benefits such as automatic data backup, server virtualization, and high-level accessibility at affordable prices.

With all of these benefits, you can see why our Orlando cloud IT solutions are a good choice for business. When you’re ready to migrate your system to the cloud, it’s best to use one of the top managed IT services companies in Orlando like Dytech Group to build your security architecture and prevent cyberattacks. Our team of cloud experts can ensure you have a smooth transition and there is little to no downtime.

Our customers love our service and you will too. Here’s what one of our valued partners has to say:

“Dytech is a perfect fit for our small company. Excellent customer service and field engineers take time to explain IT issues with me.”

We are ready to help you with your IT needs. Contact us today to set up your evaluation.

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