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6 Types of Orlando Business IT Support We Can Provide

Is your company in need of Orlando business IT support? Maybe it’s to help with your backups, maybe it’s to help with your data protection. Either way, here are six types of IT support we can provide.

Orlando Business IT Support

As technology rapidly advances, Orlando business IT support continues to become a non-negotiable aspect of daily life for businesses and companies worldwide. In fact, the United States boasts the largest tech market in the world, representing 33% of the IT industry, according to CompTIA

It’s no surprise that businesses of all sizes are turning to Managed Service Providers, like Dytech for their IT help and managed IT services needs. Regardless of the services you provide or the products you sell, your business likely has a sales or marketing team that works to reach potential customers via the place we all know and love: the internet. That’s why Orlando business IT support is absolutely essential for streamlining your business systems. Here’s how our team of experts can offer IT support for Orlando businesses:

#1 Data Protection, Backup, & Restoration

If your Orlando business is largely technology-based, the chances of something going wrong at some point or another are inevitable. Keeping your business’ data protected is imperative in the event of an unforeseen circumstance, such as a natural disaster, malicious activity, or even user error.

Keep your business data safe with automatic backups and preventative data loss. It’s the ultimate way to keep your information intact: fully enabled by remote backup and business disaster recovery solutions.

#2 Network Design and Implementation

WANs, LANs, and internal connections — oh my! We ensure your various technology systems are operating in fluid harmony on your internal network, which stretches far beyond the old desktop computer these days. We offer mobile and wireless networking options, as well as cloud networking infrastructure services, all maintained by our Orlando business IT professionals. 

With the help of our Orlando business IT support, network infrastructure can be helped by our managed network services – ensuring that your business can focus on the important daily operations.

#3 Cloud Services

Utilizing cloud services gives your business the freedom of storing data and information in an external server. The benefits of cloud services are endless:

  • Data remains safe and secure, as managed by the systems and network set up by our team
  • Easily accessible — no matter where you are
  • Scalable, less of a hefty investment 

Operating from the cloud has become the new necessity for Orlando business IT support. Needs and systems will vary from business-to-business, but we can provide a free consultation to help identify the best solution for you.

#4 Security Services

Hackers, viruses, and other malware intrusions can be a technology-based business’ worst nightmare if they don’t heed the proper protection. With security services for Orlando business IT support, we offer a range of security management and risk prevention support:

  • Anti-malware software
  • Security patching and maintenance
  • Firewall services

#5 24/7 Support Services

Did you know that over 67% of companies with less than 1,00 employees have experienced a cyberattack? If that’s not enough, 60% of small businesses could go out of business due to the damages that come with a cyberattack, according to a recent report.

An issue can arise in the blink of an eye. If your Orlando business needs 24/7 IT support, we can help by putting the best safety practices and necessary attention into place.

#6 Wireless & Mobile Computing

Once upon a time, many employees were begging to go remote. Now, remote work has become a norm for businesses all over the globe. 

Operating a business remotely can be difficult, but having the proper IT support for your Orlando business will keep your system well-managed and allow your team to work towards your goals in peaceful unison – even if you aren’t physically together!

The advantages that businesses using IT support experience include:

  • An increase in data value
  • More streamlined systems and processes
  • Elevated efficiency among team members
  • Cybersafety and data protection 

Above are just some of the IT support services we can provide to Orlando businesses to streamline your systems, help you succeed, and keep your business safe. If you’re in need of Orlando IT support, contact us today!

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