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How Orlando IT Support Services Help Protect Your Business’s Information

If you are wondering how Orlando IT support services can help protect your business, you’re not alone. Here are a few ways Dytech Group can help you.

Anyone with a business knows that it’s essential to protect your business’s information from hackers, ransomware, mechanical failures, system errors, natural disasters, employee error, and more. But how does an Orlando IT support services company do this, and how do you know if you chose the right IT company?

Here are a few ways that we can help keep your valuable information safe to protect both you and your clients.

Securely Backing Up Your IT Infrastructure

You might already have a backup process in place, but is it enough? At Dytech Group, we store secure backup copies of your IT infrastructure in our off-site data centers, which are protected from natural disasters and unauthorized access. 

Why is this important? With more people working from home these days, there’s more potential for outside threats to occur. According to a study done by the University of Maryland, hackers attack every 39 seconds. So, keeping your data backed up in a secure location is crucial in the fight against malicious attacks from outside forces.

Dytech Group’s data protection solutions offer a monthly plan that can save you money and major upfront expenses, as well as help you manage your business more efficiently. In addition, a clone copy of your information can be used for disaster recovery to recover your data in the event of an emergency.

Using A Firewall

A firewall is just another way Orlando IT support services can help keep your business safe. A firewall is the first line of Internet defense. Hackers use tools to scan for computers connected to the Internet. If your security is lacking, hackers can break in and gain access to your private information and valuable company data.

Dytech Group can protect your valuable data with the latest security solutions. We monitor and keep the security provided by your firewall updated. We can support most firewalls, including Dell Sonicwall, Watchguard, Cisco, and many others. We can assist you in acquiring the proper firewall and can provide a managed firewall solution that requires no capital investment.

Managed IT Services Packages

Orlando IT support services

Orlando IT support services, such as around-the-clock monitoring, can also help keep your business safe. Consistently monitoring your servers can prevent unforeseen problems from arising. Knowing what’s going on at all times is an important step in keeping your information out of harm’s way. 

Dytech Group’s managed services packages use the latest technologies to support you and your business with a full team of IT professionals. Our dedicated managed IT services specialists proactively monitor your critical systems and respond swiftly to any needs you have.

Monitoring Software

It’s not only outside forces that can cause trouble for your company. Sometimes, employees click on links

 that take them to an unsafe website, thereby introducing security problems to your network. It’s important for employees to only visit trusted websites to avoid any issues. Orlando IT support services can monitor the websites your employees go to and help prevent suspicious links from being clicked, inadvertently allowing harmful viruses to be downloaded. 

Dytech Group can provide solutions for blocking websites based on content and monitoring user activity on the Internet.

For more information on how Orlando IT support services can protect your business, contact us today.

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