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Moving Your Office To Hybrid Work? How Winter Park IT Support Services Companies Can Help

Are you ready to move your company to a hybrid work model? Consider these tips from one of the top Winter Park IT support services companies.

The hybrid work model became the norm for most companies in 2020. But even before the pandemic forced many of us indoors, around 10% of the U.S. workforce was working from home offices with the help of Winter Park IT support services companies. Hybrid workers typically work from home on a set schedule, and then work from the office for the remainder of their schedule. It didn’t take long for companies to see the benefits of this type of work scenario. When comparing productivity from 2019 to 2020, studies show a steady increase throughout 2020.

If you haven’t transitioned to a hybrid office yet, it’s time to consider it. Before you make the move, however, you should be prepared to address these risks:

Loss Of Sensitive Data

Cybercrime is on the rise as more companies move to a remote or hybrid model. Data is more vulnerable when it is accessed remotely. Usually, these attacks happen when simple human error leaves the virtual door open. Forgetting to log in to a secure network when in a public place or discussing sensitive information in the open can lead to a breach in your company’s data.

Remote Access Challenges

How will your workforce access sensitive company information without putting that information at risk? You need a system that safely allows remote access, file sharing, and access to other user devices. This could mean an upgrade to your infrastructure. Consulting with Winter Park IT support services companies to evaluate your current system is an excellent first step.

Device SecurityWinter Park IT support services companies

As companies look to lower equipment costs, they are likely allowing employees to use their personal devices, and you could choose to do the same. While this adds convenience and flexibility for your workers, using a device for business and personal needs increases the risk for malware and other malicious attacks. Requiring all devices used for work to be fully secured is a smart way to lessen your company’s exposure to cybercrime.

How do you address these risks when transitioning to a hybrid work model? Winter Park IT support services companies suggest these best practices:

Use a VPN

A VPN, or virtual private network, lets your employees log in to your secure network from a remote location. It adds a layer of security that protects your data from cybercriminals looking to infiltrate your network.

Move To The Cloud

When your employees work remotely, it is more difficult for them to store data on the physical servers in your office building. Using the cloud allows data storage from any location. It also allows employees to share data while remaining in your secure network. You may need Winter Park IT support services companies to help you set up your cloud storage system and ensure it is secure.

Use Monitoring Services

Even when your system is secured, employees can introduce a threat when clicking on a malicious link or downloading a viral attachment. Having software in place that monitors malicious activity on your network will let you know immediately if there has been a breach. Dytech Group offers several monitoring services options, from software installation to 24/7 real-time monitoring. We can help you find the best monitoring system for your hybrid office.

Educate Employees About Risks

Keeping your workforce informed and updated on cybersecurity will go a long way in keeping your network and your data secure. If your employees know what malicious communication can look like, they will be less likely to open a crack in your system’s security.

The hybrid business model is here to stay. It makes workers happier and more productive, and it saves money on equipment and office space. But it also introduces a slew of challenges that you need one of the top Winter Park IT support services companies to address. Contact Dytech Group today to learn more about how we can help your business.

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