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Could A Cyberattack Impact Your Business? How Winter Park Tech Support Companies Can Protect You

When running a business it’s easy to take cyber security for granted, but a cyberattack can adversely affect your business in many ways. Winter Park tech support companies offer advice for how you can stay protected.  

A cyberattack is defined as an online attack targeting an enterprise’s use of cyberspace for the purpose of disrupting, disabling, destroying, or maliciously controlling a computing environment; or destroying the integrity of the data or stealing controlled information. In the first two months of 2022, there have been over 20 reported significant cases of cyberattacks. Cyberattacks can result in intellectual property theft, installation of malicious code, exposure of vulnerabilities, and general chaos. 

Since the beginning of the internet, cyber criminals have been looking for ways to access networks and wreak havoc on other people’s systems. Hackers use phishing schemes that scam users out of their money, malware that can download a virus on a network, and many other types of cyber crime to gain access to money, information, and power. The more activities we do online, the greater opportunity cyber criminals have to get hold of our information.

The bottom line is yes, a cyberattack can impact your business. The information held on your company’s servers or in the cloud needs protection from cyber criminals. And it’s not always simple to implement security yourself. This is why you need the expert services of Winter Park tech support companies to show you where your systems are vulnerable and suggest solutions to keep them safe. Cyberattacks can result in:

  • Disruption of business operations
  • Cost increases
  • Lost revenue
  • Stolen intellectual property

The good news is with the help of Winter Park tech support companies like Dytech Group, your system can be much safer from these attacks. We offer customized solutions that identify and mitigate the vulnerabilities in your system. Here are a few ways your business can be protected from malicious cyber criminals.

Firewall Security

A firewall is a network security device installed by Winter Park tech support companies that scans all incoming data and compares it to a set of rules, only allowing in what it considers safe. It is your system’s barrier against data coming from outside your network. There are several different types of firewalls and it’s important to install one that will work best for your particular system. Dytech Group supports most firewalls including Dell Sonicwall, Watchguard, Cisco, and many others. Our techs can set up the right firewall for your business to keep your data and your employees safe. Having a secure firewall will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on growing your business.

Monitoring SoftwareWinter Park Tech Support Companies

When employees inside your firewall click malicious links or download viruses through email attachments, your entire system can be compromised. Without monitoring software in place, your employees and others using your network could access these malicious websites and introduce harmful viruses and malware to your systems. Using monitoring software installed by Winter Park tech support companies will go a long way in keeping harmful data from infiltrating your network. Software like a spam filter blocks emails from suspicious sources and keeps unwanted emails from making it to your employees’ inboxes. There are a variety of ways Winter Park tech support companies can monitor your system.

Advanced Security Systems

Beyond firewalls and spam filters, Dytech Group offers many advanced security systems. Endpoint Detection Response (EDR) combines real-time monitoring with reporting that allows Winter Park tech support companies’ experts to evaluate your security software and make adjustments as needed. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is a group of security personnel constantly monitoring and improving your system’s security, including threats of cyberattacks. This group is always focused on keeping your system safe. DNS filtering (Domain Name System) filters incoming data using the domain name. Rules are set up to allow some domain names to get through while rejecting others. 

Cyber crime is all around us. As more and more business operations move online, our systems are more and more vulnerable to threats. When considering the security of your business it’s smart to bring in knowledgeable Winter Park tech support companies to evaluate your system. Our security team at Dytech Group can point out vulnerabilities and implement security systems and services that will keep your client data, intellectual property, and revenue safe. Spending time dealing with a cyberattack impacts your bottom line. It disrupts your operations, causes costs to increase, and you could lose revenue if your clients decide to move to a competitor. Call Dytech Group today to set up your free consultation.

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