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The Internet of Things grows daily, making your network more susceptible to cyber-attacks. Fortunately, our Orlando cybersecurity services can fight this advancing assault.

The list of items that are connected to the internet continues to grow. Have you looked at your home network lately? Computers, watches, kitchen appliances, and more can now communicate with you and each other without wires or human interaction. This is the Internet of Things (IoT), and it’s affecting your business network in some fascinating ways. Dytech Group can help you maintain the security of your network in the face of these evolving vulnerabilities.

The Risks Of The IoT

As more of the devices in our lives are connected to the internet, the more the attack surface of our private network expands. Each connection equals an entry point for a cyber attack, and with the reach of IoT devices expected to reach 27 billion by 2025, it’s crucial to be proactive in your approach to cyber security. 

We now must assess the risks associated with smartphones and computers, plus devices such as doorbells, speakers, and thermostats. The limited processing capabilities of these devices make it more difficult to install antivirus software, firewalls, or security patches. The rapid advancement of this technology leads to a continuously expanding network of devices susceptible to hacking.

How To Protect Networks In The World Of The IoT

Our Orlando cybersecurity services team works daily to safeguard our clients’ networks, focusing on vulnerabilities caused by devices like these. Because we increasingly depend on connected devices, you need an IT team like Dytech Group to stay ahead of the technology. As your cybersecurity partner, we will implement the following practices to patch any holes that IoT devices may open up.

Understand The Vulnerabilities

The IoT involves many devices and connections, so regularly checking for security weaknesses is important. It’s also essential to know about common cyberattacks on IoT systems to defend against them effectively. Plus, we will consider how your IoT devices handle and store data to protect your privacy. 

Password ManagementOrlando cybersecurity services

Maintaining robust password management and enforcing strict password rules is instrumental in addressing IoT vulnerabilities. IoT devices often require authentication through passwords, and attackers can exploit weak or default passwords. 

Use Existing Technologies

Network monitoring is a vital aspect of guarding against cyberattacks via the IoT. Dytech Group offers 24/7 monitoring using software and trained personnel dedicated to protecting your network. Additionally, newer tech like AI and ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning) can help quickly identify attacks by spotting unusual behavior and suspicious activity. 

Compartmentalize IoT Devices

Loosely coupling IoT devices is an effective way to mitigate an attack. If one device is compromised, it can be disconnected from the network before the attack spreads to other devices.

Practice Due Diligence With Third-Party Vendors

Because various manufacturers produce IoT devices worldwide, you must do your homework on these companies before adding their devices to your network. Ensuring that these third-party companies understand IoT cybersecurity and take the risks seriously will go a long way in protecting your network.

Partner with Dytech Group For Top-Tier Orlando Cybersecurity Services

When you need cybersecurity solutions for your business, turn to the experts. We have been protecting Florida businesses for decades and are committed to supporting the latest technologies to safeguard your network. 

Whether you need us to install and manage a firewall, establish a disaster recovery plan, or take over your managed IT solutions, we can help. Contact us today to see how we can protect your business. 

Download our Cyber Security Essentials White Paper for some practices you can implement today to keep your business better protected.

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