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How Our Winter Garden Business IT Support Handles Firewall Security

Your network is in constant danger of cyberattack, but there’s no reason to panic because Dytech Group is here to protect your data. Our Winter Garden business IT support offers firewall solutions to fit your business.

Part of our data security services is providing the optimal firewall solution for each customer according to their needs. When businesses partner with Dytech Group for their Winter Garden business IT support, one of the first questions we ask is, “What kind of firewall do you have?” We find that many customers think they have an effective firewall in place when in reality, their firewall is not giving them the level of security they need.

What Is A Firewall?

You have likely heard of a firewall and may even know it’s vital to your security strategy, but do you know how it works? A firewall is a device or a software program that keeps a virtual eye on network traffic and only lets in safe data.

Firewalls are assigned a set of rules that tell them what type of data is safe to let into your network and what data should be kept out. These rules can include the following:

  • IP addresses
  • Packet protocols
  • App protocols
  • Data patterns
  • And more

What Are The Different Types Of Firewalls?

A firewall can be a hardware device, software, or a cloud-based solution. The type you choose depends on your business and your network. We can recommend a firewall that will work best for you. 

Hardware Firewall

Also called an appliance firewall, a hardware firewall is a dedicated device that filters traffic coming into and out of a network. This type of firewall does not use any memory from its host device. It is best suited for a larger organization with a more complex setup containing several subnetworks and multiple computers.

One advantage of a hardware firewall is its ability to protect many devices with one solution. An administrator can also manage the entire network using a single firewall. This option can be more expensive than a software firewall, is typically more challenging to set up, and may not be as good at monitoring insider threats as a software firewall solution.

Software Firewall

A software firewall solution is installed on a host device, then a version of the software must be installed on each device that needs protection. Because it is installed on a computer, a software firewall will use some level of the host device’s memory and storage space.

This type of firewall provides an excellent level of protection allowing the admin complete control over the permitted programs on the devices. Our security team can configure firewall software on your host device and all computers on your network so that you can feel confident that your data is protected.

Cloud-Based FirewallWinter Garden business IT support

Dytech Group offers many cloud-based solutions, including firewalls. A cloud-based firewall may be your best option for protecting your network if you have a remote workforce. This data protection solution can be easily managed from anywhere with just a browser.

A drawback of cloud-based firewalls is that they may not offer as robust security features as a locally-hosted software or hardware firewall. Our managed services team can advise you on the best firewall option for your business.

Dytech Group Offers Customized Winter Garden Business IT Support

We are committed to protecting your data with our online security services. Whatever your business needs are, our team at Dytech Group can meet them. Contact us today to get started. 

Download our Cyber Security Essentials White Paper to see what best practices you can implement today to keep your business and network secure.

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