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Orlando Internet Security Awareness

Orlando Internet Security Awareness: Modern Computer Security

Security is said to be a ‘moving target’. What was secure a year ago is no longer secure. We constantly need to increase the level of our security. The hackers are getting more sophisticated. As they figure out new ways to steal your information and money, you need to add additional security precautions. Orlando internet security awareness is part of an ongoing battle to stay ahead of them.


If you are not using an IT service provider to manage your computers and network, then it is next to impossible to stay ahead of the bad guys. Remember that they are working at it full time. You need a computer expert working full time for you and increasing your knowledge of Orlando internet security awareness.


The latest method to keep your accounts and information secure is Multi-Factor Authentication. You may already use it with your online bank accounts. They will send you or text you a code before you can log in. This is an extra step to authenticate you. This type of multi-factor or two-factor authentication should be added to all important logon accounts. It is important for your cloud-based products like Microsoft Office 365 but it can also be implemented on your computer network and server logon. Dytech Group recommends this for all business logon accounts. Contact us and we can help you with this.


We use multiple layers of security to keep your network secure. There is no one magic solution. A good quality firewall with intrusion prevention enabled is one layer.Orlando Internet Security Awareness Having a secure complex password is another. A local anti-virus anti-malware program on every endpoint is a necessity. Email spam and virus filtering is another layer. Software must be kept up-to-date so all vulnerabilities are patched.


Another layer of security is locking down external access to your computer network. If the hackers have a path to access your server then they will try to hack it day and night using ‘brute-force’ techniques to gain access. Once they have access to any computer then they can use hacking tools to gain access to every computer on your network including the server. One way we do this is by using a Virtual Private Network or VPN. This creates a secure encrypted tunnel across the Internet so there is no direct access to your server. If you have a Terminal Server or RDS then this is very important. The bad guys are getting in through this access often.


Lastly, we suggest Orlando internet Security Awareness Training for all your employees. All the layers of security are useless if someone gives up their password through social engineering or clicks on a malicious link in an email. This could cause a virus or malware item to be installed on a computer and then the hacker can get right in. If you are a Dytech managed service client we provide security awareness training for you at no additional cost.


Many businesses are facing increased risk and security compliance requirements. Dytech Group offers advanced security solutions to help you with that. When you start hearing terms like SOC, SIEM, and EDR then give us a call so we can explain it.


If you have any questions or need any assistance with securing your computers, contact us.

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