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Can Oviedo IT Services Protect My Business From Hackers?

Just like your personal property, you want to make sure your business is protected from harm. But when it comes to IT, you need protection from more than physical damage and theft. This is where Oviedo IT services from Dytech Group come in.

Defense against cybercrime and hacking is at the top of many of our minds right now. With recent cyberattacks against large companies making news headlines, it might have you wondering if the protection your business has against criminals is sufficient. Protecting your data and the reputation of your company is our highest priority, and partnering with Dytech Group can allow us to bring our Oviedo IT services to you.

How Can Hackers Harm My Business?

Cybercriminals and hackers will use tools to detect computers and other hardware that is connected to the internet. They then attempt, and sometimes succeed, at breaking through the inadequate security that is included in basic operating systems and web browsers.

If they are successful, they will have access to valuable resources, company data, personal information, and more. They can also use your hardware for additional illegal activity, use it as a spam server, or sabotage your equipment and network. 

Oviedo IT Services: Online Security Services

We use the latest security technologies to monitor, manage, and protect the security of your network. Here are the strategies we use:

Firewall Security

Your firewall is a specialized security system that prevents criminals and malicious software from gaining unauthorized access to your network. A firewall can be customized to block data from specific computer network addresses, ports, or applications, while allowing data that is necessary to your business through. Dytech Group’s Oviedo IT services can support most firewalls, including:

  • Dell SonicWall
  • Watchguard
  • Cisco
  • And more

If you’re not sure about which firewall option is right for you, we can assist you in choosing the best one for your business. We also provide managed firewall solutions that require no capital investment.

Oviedo IT Services: Monitoring Software

While you may be focusing on attacks from external sources, it is often just as important to defend your business against the actions of users that are behind the firewall. Employees and others that are on your company’s network will sometimes access malicious websites or click on links that can compromise your network. 

As part of our Oviedo IT services, Dytech Group can provide you with security services that monitor user internet activity and block websites based on content.

Advanced Security Services

We provide advanced services such as:

  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR)
  • Security Information and Event Management SIEM)Oviedo IT Services
  • Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • DNS Protection or DNS Filter
  • Security Awareness Training
  • And more

Don’t leave your business’s assets and private data on your servers exposed to hackers or cybercriminals. We can help you identify vulnerabilities and provide solutions to your IT security needs. Contact us today to discuss security solutions and our additional Oviedo IT services.

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