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Orlando IT support companies, like Dytech Group, use IT security strategies to help their clients stay safe online every day. Here are some easy tips that you can start using now.

Are you concerned about the rising threat of cyberattacks and hackers? There are highly-effective strategies that can be put into place in your office that will help protect you from data theft, malicious software attacks, and more. Using these security tips and partnering with Orlando IT support companies that provide IT security solutions, like Dytech Group, is the best thing you can do for your company.

Common Cybersecurity Terms

Learning about cybersecurity can feel like it comes with a lot of technical jargon, and while there is a lot of information to learn, knowing the common online safety lingo can make it easier. 

    • Malware: This is a term for any malicious software that is meant to disable or limit the functionality of your computer and other devices. Sometimes malware allows hackers to access and control your devices remotely. 
    • Data Breach: This is a cybersecurity event that usually results in sensitive data or information being stolen and transmitted for criminal purposes. Scammers will often target businesses because of the large volume of stored data, but these attacks can occur anywhere.
    • Cloud Storage: The “cloud” is a general term for online storage and networks. It’s different from local storage, like the hard drive that is installed in your computer, because the data on the cloud is stored in a remote server. These servers are located in secure locations all over the world.
    • Back-ups: Backing up your data is the act of saving a copy of that data on a separate storage device. At home, you may just use an external hard drive. Many businesses back their data up on the cloud. 

Security Tips You Can Use Today

Orlando IT support companies, like Dytech Group, are industry leaders in IT security. You can help to keep your business secure by educating employees and taking advantage of the resources available to you.

Keep Everything Up To Date

By turning on automatic updates on your internet browsers and software, you can ensure that your devices are defending against cyber threats. You should also install security updates as recommended by your IT provider

Don’t Share Sensitive InformationOrlando IT Support Companies

Never send highly-sensitive information via email or chat, especially if you don’t know the source. 

Don’t Click On Suspicious Links

If you receive links or attachments via email, think twice before clicking on them. Even if you think you know the sender, cybercriminals are becoming more and more sophisticated in their efforts. 

Use Strong Passwords

Use passwords that don’t contain common words, include a mixture of letters and numbers, and don’t include easy-to-guess words or numbers like your birthday or a pet’s name. 

Stay Secure Online With Dytech Group

Even the most cautious person can still be exposed to cyber threats. Working with Orlando IT services support companies that offer IT security services is the best way to keep your business safe. At Dytech Group, we utilize industry-leading security solutions that protect your data and business assets. Contact us today to discuss your IT security needs.

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