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Protect Your Business From Email Phishing Scams With The Help Of Oviedo IT Security Professionals

Did you know that 96% of all phishing scams are attempted via email? The Oviedo IT security professionals at Dytech Group have the technical expertise and knowledge to help protect your business from these threats and more. 

Cybercrimes like phishing occur when someone is contacted by a criminal who has impersonated an organization, corporation, government entity, or another individual in an attempt to get their target to share information with them. The information that these cybercriminals are usually after includes passwords and financial information that would allow them to access accounts. 

When businesses are targeted by phishing scams, it can result in large financial losses. In fact, a recent report shows that a phishing attack costs a mid-sized company $1.6 million on average. Working with industry experts like the Oviedo IT security professionals at Dytech Group is the best defense against these attacks.

What Information Are Cybercriminals After?

Many phishing emails include more than just an attempt to gain access to personal information – they can also have dangerous files that contain ransomware. If opened, these files will download the ransomware to your device, making it impossible to access files. The cybercriminals will then demand payment for returning access to the files. 

Can You And Your Employees Recognize A Phishing Scam?

There is a huge potential for loss associated with a phishing scam, which is why it’s so important that you and your employees are able to see some of the signs, including:

  • Threats, such as statements saying that the hackers have access to incriminating information that they will share with your contacts unless you follow theirOviedo IT Security Professionals instructions.
  • Poor grammar, spelling, and strange word choices. 
  • Email attachments that seem out of place or that you were not expecting. 
  • Other unusual statements, such as claiming that your account needs to be reset before it is shut down, or that you have won prizes or rewards that require you to enter login information.

If something seems suspicious, it is best to go with your first instinct and avoid opening or interacting with the email at all.

Can You Avoid Phishing Attacks By Utilizing IT Security Solutions?

While staying safety-aware can help your organization avoid phishing scams, there are additional steps that need to be taken. Oviedo IT security professionals can assist you by installing specialized security software like firewalls, spam filters, antivirus programs, and web filters that can help keep phishing emails and hackers at bay. 

Our team at Dytech Group can also help protect your organization by ensuring that your software programs are up to date, running properly, and complying to the latest security standards. We can also assist by keeping your data protected through regular backups and data recovery programs. 

Not only will our IT solutions help your business, but our technicians also deliver top-notch customer service too. As an example, look at this review that Linda H. left for us where she shares the excellent service she experienced:

“Our company… has been using Dytech Group for over 10 years.  We are very satisfied with them. They are professional, knowledgeable, responsive and up to date with technology. They provide excellent IT services with a friendly and efficient team.”

Do You Need To Rethink Your IT Security Strategy? We Can Help

The best defense against scammers, hackers, and other cybercriminals is a comprehensive strategy. Partnering with Oviedo IT security professionals means that your business has access to the security solutions necessary to protect your valuable assets. Contact Dytech Group today to discuss the IT security services we offer.

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