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Orlando Technology Services: EDR And XDR Security For IT Risk Mitigation

As a business, protecting the data of your company, employees, and customers is critically important. Dytech Group is your source for Orlando technology services, including EDR security and other IT risk mitigation strategies. 


If you have been keeping up with recent cybersecurity news, you may have heard about the hackers that breached the United Nations’ computer networks earlier this year. During this security breach, the hackers had access to the United Nations’ networks and collected approximately four months’ worth of data. 


When you read news headlines like this, you might ask yourself how your small to medium-sized business can defend against cybercriminals, viruses, and malware. As hackers and other IT security threats become more sophisticated, so does security management technology. As one of our Orlando technology services, Dytech Group offers next-generation EDR and XDR security software. 


Orlando Technology Services: What is EDR?

EDR, or Endpoint Detection Response, is a security software for the prevention of malware and viruses that goes far beyond traditional antivirus software. It includes real-time continuous monitoring, collection of data from endpoints, analysis of that data to identify potential threats, and then immediate action to contain or remove those threats.


Additionally, it includes analysis tools to research identified threats and search for suspect activities on your network. 


Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Software

While EDR concentrates on the endpoint (which is a remote computing device, such as a desktop computer, smartphone, or laptop), XDR software provides cross-layered detection and response. As one of our Orlando technology services, XDR collects and automatically corresponds data over multiple security layers, including:

  • EmailOrlando Technology Services
  • Endpoint
  • Servers
  • Networks
  • And more


This results in quicker detection of threats, and improved response times for security analysts. 


Orlando Technology Services to Keep Your Business Secure

Dytech Group offers SentinelOne as a security software solution, which we call Fortify for Endpoint. This service provides your business with the capability to roll a computer back to a previous time point before it was attacked by a virus or malware.


This software does more than just identify malicious behaviors on your networks. It can block and rectify advanced attacks with high-level, cross-platform data analytics. The distributed AI (artificial intelligence) technology allows every endpoint and operating system to respond to cyberthreats regardless of their location or connectivity.


Why Dytech Group?

We’ve been providing IT support and consulting services to local businesses since 1982. Our focus on productivity, efficiency, and increased levels of security has helped our company, and our clients, withstand the test of time. In the ever-changing IT landscape, you need a partner that knows how to help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Contact us today to learn more about the Orlando technology services we have to offer.

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