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Firewalls protect your company’s network. But when do you know it’s time for a new one? Your Oviedo local IT support company offers some advice.

You want to keep your data and your employees safe, and you know that cybersecurity is important to your business. A recent report warns of a new malware that specifically targets firewalls. Once it has infiltrated your network, hackers have remote access to your system. This particular malware is so sophisticated, new functionality can be added after it’s running. You can see why it’s vital to keep your firewall up to date and Dytech Group is the Oviedo local IT support company that can help.

You may already have a firewall to block malicious attempts to access your network, but it’s necessary to evaluate your firewall periodically to ensure it’s still meeting the needs of your business. Here are three signs that it’s time for a new firewall from an Oviedo local IT support company, Dytech Group.

Organization Changes

Company Growth

When you first installed your firewall, your company was likely smaller than it is now. The number of desktop systems and servers have grown so you need to adjust your security along with the growth of your business. 

Upgraded Internet Speed

With technological advances, your internet service provider upgrades its systems to provide faster internet speeds. The firewall you used originally when your system was running at a slower speed will not catch everything that comes through on a faster system. Simply stated, a faster internet needs a faster firewall.

Work-From-Home Needs

In today’s society, more and more employees are working from home. This could be by choice or by necessity. Either way, when employees are accessing your network from home, it adds an extra layer of vulnerability. In this situation, you’ll need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN gives you privacy online by creating a private network even when you’re not physically within your company’s walls. They work by hiding your IP address and encrypting your files so hackers can’t track your usage back to your company servers. You’ll want to have an Oviedo local IT support company set up your VPN to keep your company data safe regardless of where your remote offices are. 

Unusual ActivityOviedo local IT support company

User Login Irregularities

If your security monitoring system is set up to record user data, you’ll be able to see when employees log on and off each day. Knowing your employees’ typical schedules will help you spot irregularities. If you know a user only logs on during the day, and you see that they logged on at 11:00 PM, it is unusual and therefore, suspicious. You will want to call your Oviedo local IT support company right away to evaluate your firewall. 

Password Changes

Passwords are part of everyday life. At home or at the office, we all have several passwords we need to remember to access secure websites. Your company’s network is password protected and typically it’s easy to log on with no problems. But have you ever tried to log in with your password only to get an “invalid password” message? If you haven’t changed your password but the system isn’t letting you in, you may have been hacked. If cyber threats are getting through your firewall, you need an upgrade.

The Age of Your Firewall

Your firewall should be patched regularly and replaced every 3-5 years. Technology changes so quickly that keeping an old firewall in place makes your system vulnerable to the latest malware and phishing scams. Eventually, your firewall software will no longer be supported by its manufacturer. Just like cell phone companies phase out old models, software companies stop supporting old tech when a newer, better version is available. Check with the experts at an Oviedo local IT support company like Dytech Group to see if it’s time to replace your firewall.

Your firewall is your company’s first line of defense against cyberattacks. Hackers are hard at work figuring out new ways to sneak into your system and use it for their purposes. Even if you have a firewall installed, you need to call Dytech Group to have it evaluated. Our team of Oviedo local IT support company experts can assess your risk and keep your network secure with the latest firewall software. We can also monitor your system to mitigate your vulnerability. Call Dytech Group today to set up your free firewall consultation.

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