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Whether you have a system in place or you’re just getting started on your cybersecurity journey, now is the time to bring in the experts to provide Oviedo managed IT security services. Here’s what Dytech Group can do for you. 

We’ve all seen the data breaches, ransomware, and other cyber attacks that have been making headlines over the last several years. Does your company have a plan to defend against these events? Not only can a cyber attack be a costly incident financially, it can harm the reputation of your business and affect the level of trust that your clients and customers have towards your brand. Oviedo managed IT security services from an IT managed services provider can help protect these valuable assets.

Online Security Services

Working with Dytech Group gives you access to the latest security solutions. We can protect your information and data as well as your company’s reputation by managing and monitoring the security of your network. 

Firewall Security

As an Oviedo managed IT security services provider, we offer firewall security as your first line of internet defense. Hackers will use tools to scan for computers connected to the internet and target the devices in use by your company. Once they locate your devices, they will make an attempt to bypass the security provided by your computer’s operating system or internet browser. 

This can be very simple for them since this “built-in” security is often inadequate to defend against these types of attacks. Once these cybercriminals have gained access to your devices, they can use them for their own purposes, such as:

  • Turning your computers into spam servers
  • Stealing company data
  • Stealing customer information
  • Using your computers to conduct illegal activities
  • And more

Working with an Oviedo IT services provider like Dytech Group can help. We can assist you in finding the right firewall for your company, and can also provide a managed firewall solution that will require no capital investment. We support most firewalls, including:

  • Dell SonicwallOviedo Managed IT Security Services
  • Watchguard
  • Cisco
  • And many others

Monitoring Software

While a firewall can help protect against external threats, there are risks within your company that need to be addressed through other strategies. Users that are behind the firewall can go to suspicious websites or click on malicious links that will allow security threats to access your network. Dytech Group provides IT solutions that can monitor the activity of users on your network and block specific websites based on their content. 

Dytech Group – IT Services, Support, And Network Management

Oviedo managed IT security services are a key component of any managed services package. Our clients love to share the great experience that they have working with us. For example, in this review Richard H. shares that his office has enjoyed the excellent response times and customer service our technicians provide:

“Our law office has been using Dytech for many years now. They have always been honest, responsive, and very skilled in handling all of my computer issues. Generally the response time can be counted in minutes, not hours or days. Their staff is very courteous and the pricing is fair for the services that they offer. I highly recommend them.”

Dytech Group has been serving our clients in the Central Florida area since 1982, and we would be happy to provide these same IT solutions to your organization. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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