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Oviedo Network Firewall Security

Firewall FAQs Answered By Our Oviedo Network Firewall Security Team

You’ve likely heard that a firewall will keep your data safe, but what do you know about them? Our Oviedo network firewall security team put together helpful answers to your questions.

It’s common to think that cybercrime won’t affect your business, but the unfortunate truth is, if you’re not protected, you are very likely to be attacked. A recent study revealed that only half of small to medium-sized businesses even have a cybersecurity plan in place. And cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and better funded by the day. It is estimated that cybercriminals can penetrate up to 93% of company networks. Is your business protected?

Our Oviedo network firewall security team at Dytech Group recommends a firewall be the first item you check off of your cybersecurity list when you’re looking to protect your data. Here’s what you need to know about this crucial piece of cyber defense.

What Is A Firewall?

A firewall is a network security appliance that can be a physically installed piece of hardware or it can be virtual. It monitors incoming traffic to keep malicious activity away from your network. Imagine your office building with a wall of fire around it to protect it from enemy attack. It’s like that but without the literal fire.

How Do Firewalls Work?

Firewalls act as gatekeepers. If you know the password, you’ll be allowed to come in. If you don’t know the password, you’ll be turned away. 

In this case, you can assign any number of passwords, or rules, to your firewall. One rule could be a domain name. If your firewall doesn’t recognize an incoming piece of data from a certain domain, it will block that data. The only data that will be allowed into your network is data that passes the test of the firewall.

Who Needs To Use A Firewall?Oviedo network firewall security

Dytech Group’s Oviedo network firewall security team says that any size organization will benefit from using a firewall. Cybercriminals attack businesses large and small so it’s best to protect yourself and your company data, regardless of how many employees and clients you have. 

You should even consider implementing firewalls in the home offices of your employees if any of them need to connect to your network remotely.

Will A Firewall Slow Down Your Network Speed?

You may not notice a slowdown, but your network may run a little slower with a firewall than without, but for good reason. For a firewall to do its job, it needs bandwidth. A slowdown could happen as your firewall processes data packets trying to get into the network. As it scans, analyzes, and filters them in real-time, it will take up some bandwidth to do so.

Do You Need An Oviedo Network Firewall Security Company To Install Your Firewall?

It’s true that you can hop on Amazon and order firewall hardware and software, but to get the most benefit from this important piece of security equipment, we recommend that you have an experienced IT team handle it for you. Not only can we help you acquire the proper firewall, but we can also provide a managed firewall solution that requires no capital investment.

When you’re ready to implement or upgrade your firewall security, call on the Oviedo network firewall security team at Dytech Group. We can assess your current security situation and design a unique solution to fit the needs of your business. Contact us today to get started.

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