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Orlando Network Security

How Orlando Network Security Helps For Your Peace of Mind

Orlando network security is an essential part of keeping your business safe. Dytech Group can help you protect your company’s valuable data with the latest security solutions.

Here are a few ways Orlando network security services can help protect you against outside threats. 

Firewall Security

Having a proper firewall can help keep your confidential information out of the hands of criminals and thieves. With the rise in remote working, it is now more important than ever to ensure the safety of your company’s classified documents. Standard-issued firewalls are no longer enough to keep attempted hackers away. The minimal security provided by Microsoft’s operating system and web browser is inadequate.

Dytech Group can monitor and update the security provided by your firewall. We support most firewalls, including Dell Sonicwall, Watchguard, Cisco, and many others. If you need a proper firewall, we can help by providing a managed firewall solution that suits your needs.

Monitoring Software

It’s not always hackers that can cause security breaches; sometimes, an unassuming employee might click on a suspicious link by accident. Clicking on unfamiliar links is not advised as they can often install a harmful virus on your computer. Dytech Group can provide Orlando network security solutions for blocking websites based on content and monitoring user activity on the Internet.

Advanced Security Services

Dytech Group offers advanced security services such as:

  • EDR – Endpoint Detection and Response
  • SIEM – Security Information and Event Management
  • SOC – Security Operations Center 24/7/365
  • DNS Protection – DNS Filter
  • SAT – Security Awareness Training
Orlando network security

Our dedicated managed IT services specialists proactively monitor your systems so we can respond in real-time to any issues that arise. Our ability to oversee your Orlando network security allows you to focus on your business – generating leads, growing sales, and keeping customers satisfied.

Read what our Orlando network security clients have to say about us:

“Our IT ace in the hole. Great knowledge base and timely service. Dennis, your whole team is tremendous. Have and continue to enjoy working with them.”

“I always get the impression that your staff is concerned regardless of how small the problem. Dytech Group is able to diagnose and solve problems. Staff is very pleasant and cordial. They respond promptly to our calls.”

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your Orlando network security and data.

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