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Is Your Business At Risk For A Cyberattack? How Orlando Managed IT Support Can Help

Did you know that 88% of small business owners feel that their business is vulnerable to cyberattacks? Keep reading to learn how Orlando managed IT support from Dytech Group can help you defend your company from these threats. 

Cybercrime is a growing concern across all industries. According to a recent report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the losses accrued from cybercrimes in 2020 surpassed $4.2 billion. It might feel like your company is under the radar of these cybercriminals, but small businesses are often targeted because they have information that the criminals want, without the extensive security resources of larger companies.

This is where Dytech Group can help your small to medium-sized business keep pace with your larger competitors. Our Orlando managed IT support connects you to the professional IT solutions you need to defend your business. 

What Are Some Common Cybersecurity Threats To Small Businesses?

Phishing Orlando Managed IT Support

Phishing is an attempt to use email or a website to gain access to information or infect your devices with malware. Phishing scams usually use websites or emails that seem legitimate to trick the user into clicking links or opening attachments that are harmful. 


Malware is software that is created to damage your servers, networks, computers, and more. Malware can include both viruses and ransomware. 


Viruses are programs that can spread between all of your computers and other connected devices. They can help cybercriminals gain access to your systems and information.


Ransomware is a type of malware that will infect your computer and other systems and restrict access to your devices and data until a ransom is paid. 

How Can Orlando Managed IT Support Help?

Our managed services packages are a comprehensive solution for your business. The presence of dedicated IT support is the best defense that you have against cybercriminals, and we will actively monitor your risks and take the steps needed to address them using the latest IT security measures. Some of the ways we help prevent attacks are as follows.

Firewall Security 

Firewalls prevent unauthorized access into or out of your office’s computer network. It can control the network traffic and prevent cybercriminals from interfering with your data or introducing malicious programs to your devices and networks. Dytech Group supports most firewalls, including:

  • Dell Sonicwall
  • Watchguard
  • Cisco
  • And more

Monitoring Software 

Monitoring software can protect your business by blocking specific websites based on their content and monitoring the activity of users on your network. It is not unusual for users that are behind the firewall (your employees) to visit malicious websites or click on suspect links, and monitoring software adds an extra layer of protection to prevent this. 

Dytech Group’s Orlando Managed IT Support: Your IT Security Solution

Protecting your network and data is our highest priority and a key component of our managed services packages. Contact us today to learn more about what Orlando managed IT support can do for your organization.

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